Rites of Spring


Cat M dishes out the music, no talking, just dancing.
Spring continues her awakening a week on from the 1st day when the seasonal transfer switch kicks in, the circuit breaker trips on Baroness Winter and Lady Spring arrives in all her glory.
Writing this listening to Pink Floyd tracks on YouTube after Cat mixed in A Shine On You Crazy Diamond remix during the dance this morning.
First anniversary of the passing of my mother in University Hospital, Galway, 8th September 2018.
Made it back to her bedside ninety minutes before she died – or it could have been two hours – not sure.
It was a close run thing from getting the call the morning of the day before while cycling on the shore of Botany Bay at La Perouse – jumping on the plane and just getting there.

The emotions during the dance this morning were many and varied.
Grief, sadness, loss.
Joy, happiness, laughter.
When there’s just the music the dance for me just takes it’s own course.
Like this morning.
Two waves of five rhythms.
Flow – Staccato – Chaos – Lyrical – Stillness
Each with it’s own magic.
Truly awesome.

Early in the first wave, feel down and maudlin.
Let the feet have their way, carry the rest of me around the floor.
Drawn to the deck of cards by the installation.
Shuffle the deck and pull a card.
Nymph dancing.
With the words underneath:
“Cheer Up
Live in the Moment”
For the rest of the dance let the whole shebang go and lived in the moment – or as best as can be done with an oft times mad head banging on about bullshit.
The Nymph worked her magic though.
Sitting in a circle afterwards each one says their name and what the dance brought them this morning.
Mine was “Cheered Up”.

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