Ocean Dance

Went for a swim in Clovelly Bay before dance this morning.
Been trying to get back in the Ocean for a while.

Went yesterday as well, just as the swimmers from the Coogee to Bondi 5km swim were passing the headland at Clovelly.

Used to do long distance ocean swimming and a few of the Vladsters from Vlad’s swimming squad were probably in the vanguard of the swim. Good luck to them.

Did thirty minutes in the clear, cool waters of the lagoon, with the Blue and Green Groupers, Drummer, Luderick and other fish, the weaving of the seagrasses and the seaweed underwater.

The tide was rising, near full and a decent swell driving the ocean into the lagoon over the submerged sea wall.

Brought the swim into the dance afterwards.
Thinking about the movement of the ocean and the fish as the dance took us on the journey.

Really helped with the sense of flow.

Michelle was on about the field again, coming into the field of the other dancers. When thinking of the field, the ocean comes to mind, connecting all of us on the planet, 71% covered by water.

The photo below doesn’t do justice to today’s installation, it being partly disassembled at the end of the dance. Still, enough is left to capture the essence.

And the care taken to put it together.

Today’s Installation – After the dance, a bit broken up

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